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G318: Local Mitigation Planning Workshop12/12/19 8:00am - 12/13/19Mt. Vernon Outland Airport Banquet Rm 100-Mt. VernonScheduled 12 
AWR 331 Winter Weather Hazards: Science & Preparedness12/18/19 8:30amDuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
Emergency Planning Process12/19/19 8:30am - 12/20/19Signal Hill Fire Department-BellevilleCanceled 0 
EOC Mgt and Ops (G775)12/19/19 8:30am - 12/20/19Signal Hill Fire Department-BellevilleScheduled 6 
L0102 FEMA Basic Academy: Science of Disaster01/06/20 8:30am - 01/08/20DuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
HSEEP01/07/20 8:30am - 01/08/20Fairview Heights Fire Department-Fairview HeightsScheduled 17 
2019 ICS Instructor Roll Out01/08/20 9:00amSwedish-American EMS, Rockford-RockfordScheduled 16 
USAR Annual Required Training-Respiratory-BBP-HazMat OPS/Enhanced01/08/20 8:00am - 01/09/20MABAS Readiness Center-Wheeling  0 
USAR Annual required Swim Qualifications for Swift Water Component01/09/20 8:00amlattof YMCA-Des Plaines  0 
L0103 FEMA Basic Academy: Planning: Emergency Operations01/09/20 8:30am - 01/10/20DuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
ICS 300/40001/13/20 8:00am - 01/17/20IEMA - 2200 South Dirksen Pkwy-SpringfieldScheduled 14 
Region 11- Regional Meeting01/14/20 10:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled 4 
Volunteer and Donations Management01/16/20 8:30amNew Lenox Village Hall-New LenoxScheduled 13 
Region 2 South - Regional Meeting01/22/20 9:30amCambridge-Scheduled 0 
HSEEP01/25/20 9:00am - 01/26/20Joliet Junior College-JolietScheduled 20 
Volunteer and Donations Management01/29/20 8:30amMercer County Health Department-AledoScheduled 4 
Volunteer Reception Center Management01/29/20 8:30am - 01/30/20McHenry County Mental Health Board-Crystal LakeScheduled 7 
Emergency Planning Process02/04/20 8:30amOgle County EOC-RochelleScheduled 6 
AWR 136 and MGT 384 The EOC's Role in Community Cybersecurity02/04/20 8:00am - 02/05/20Cook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Leadership in Today's World02/05/20 8:30amOgle County EOC-RochelleScheduled 13 
Effective Communications02/06/20 8:30amOgle County EOC-RochelleScheduled 13 
Volunteer and Donations Management02/07/20 8:30amOgle County EOC-RochelleScheduled 5 
Incident Command System (ICS) Forms Review02/11/20 8:30amDuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
ICS 300-2 Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents 18 hr02/11/20 1:00pm - 02/12/20DuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
MGT 460 Planning for Disaster Debris Management02/14/20 8:30amDuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
Region 3- Regional Meeting02/14/20 10:00amWill County EMA-JolietScheduled 3 
Region 2 North - Regional Meeting02/19/20 9:30amRockford-Scheduled 0 
MGT 310 Threat and Risk Assessment02/19/20 8:00am - 02/20/20Aurora Fire Station #8-Aurora  0 
AWR 302 Pipeline Security in Rural Communities02/20/20 8:00amKankakee County Sherriff Office & EOC-Kankakee  0 
Region 7- Regional Meeting02/20/20 9:30amILEAS Training Center-UrbanaScheduled 5 
Leadership in Today's World02/26/20 8:30amMercer County Health Department-AledoScheduled 6 
FEMA Basic Academy L0104/L0146: HSEEP03/10/20 8:30am - 03/11/20DuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
G290 Basic Public Information Officer03/11/20 8:30am - 03/12/20Joliet Fire Station 1-JolietScheduled 2 
L0105 FEMA Basic Academy: Public Information and Warning03/12/20 8:30am - 03/13/20DuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
AWR 326 Tornado Awareness03/17/20 8:30amDuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
Principles of Emergency Management03/24/20 8:30amWill County EMA Cherry Hill Rd Training Facility-JolietScheduled 16 
Emergency Planning Process03/25/20 8:30am - 03/26/20Will County EMA Cherry Hill Rd Training Facility-JolietScheduled 12 
AWR 347 Climate Adaptation Planning For Emergency Management03/26/20 8:00amCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Region 11- Regional Meeting04/07/20 10:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled 4 
Disaster Assistance Process04/14/20 8:30amWill County EMA Cherry Hill Rd Training Facility-JolietScheduled 10 
Debris Management Course04/15/20 8:30amWill County EMA Cherry Hill Rd Training Facility-JolietScheduled 8 
Region 2 South - Regional Meeting04/16/20 9:30amCambridge-Scheduled 0 
ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS04/20/20 8:00am - 04/22/20Ogle County EOC-RochelleClosed 0 
AWR 136 and MGT 385 Community Cybersecurity Exercise Planning04/21/20 8:00am - 04/22/20Cook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Managing Critical Incidents for Higher Education Institutions04/21/20 8:00am - 04/23/20Aurora University-Aurora  0 
G402 Incident Command System Overview for Executives/ Senior Officials04/30/20 9:00amAurora Emergency Operations Center-AuroraClosed 0 
Emergency Planning Process05/05/20 8:30amDuPage County EOC-WheatonScheduled 0 
Region 3- Regional Meeting05/15/20 10:00amCity of Aurora EMA-AuroraScheduled 2 
Region 7- Regional Meeting05/21/20 9:30amWoodford Co EMA-RoanokeScheduled 1 
AWR 376 Understanding Targeted Cyber Attacks06/09/20 8:00amCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Principles of Emergency Management06/16/20 8:30amAurora Police Dept EMA-AuroraScheduled 11 
Emergency Planning Process06/17/20 8:30am - 06/18/20Aurora Police Dept EMA-AuroraScheduled 10 
IPEM Extension to 202007/01/20 8:00amIEMA - 2200 South Dirksen Pkwy-SpringfieldScheduled 40 
Region 11- Regional Meeting07/07/20 10:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled 2 
Instructor Development Workshop (MGT-323)07/07/20 8:00am - 07/09/20DuPage County EOC-Wheaton  0 
Disaster Management for Public Services 16 hours07/08/20 8:00am - 07/09/20Aurora Fire Station #8-Aurora  0 
MGT 465 Recovering from a Cyber Incident08/04/20 8:00am - 08/05/20Cook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Region 3- Regional Meeting08/14/20 10:00amMcHenry County Government Center - EMA EOC-WoodstockScheduled 2 
Region 2 South - Regional Meeting08/19/20 9:30amCambridge-Scheduled 0 
Region 7- Regional Meeting08/20/20 9:30amMacon CountyScheduled 1 
Effective Communications09/25/20 8:30amDuPage County EOC-WheatonScheduled 0 
Region 11- Regional Meeting10/06/20 10:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled 2 
CAOSM Cybersecurity Awareness for Officials and Sr. Management10/13/20 8:00amCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Volunteer and Donations Management10/13/20 8:30amAurora Police Dept EMA-AuroraScheduled 6 
Volunteer Reception Center Management10/14/20 8:30am - 10/15/20Aurora Police Dept EMA-AuroraScheduled 2 
MGT 452 Physical and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure10/15/20 8:00amCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Disaster Preparedness for Hospital and Healthcare Orgs. Within the Comm. Infr.10/21/20 8:00am - 10/22/20Rush Copley Heart Institute-Aurora  0 
Region 3- Regional Meeting11/13/20 10:00amGrundy County EOC-MorrisScheduled 2 
Region 2 South - Regional Meeting11/18/20 9:30amCambridge-Scheduled 0 
Region 7- Regional Meeting11/19/20 9:30amLogan County Safety Complex-LincolnScheduled 1 
Volunteer and Donations Management12/04/20 8:30amDuPage County EOC-WheatonScheduled 0 
Disaster Management for Water & Wastewater utilities02/03/21 8:00am - 02/04/21Aurora Fire Station #8-Aurora  0 
Disaster Management for Electric Power Systems05/05/21 8:00am - 05/06/21Aurora Fire Station #8-Aurora  0 
IPEM Renewal09/01/22 4:00pmPrairie Capital Convention Center-SpringfieldScheduled 4 

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