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G393 Mitigation for Emergency Managers09/20/23 8:30am - 09/22/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 10 
Search & Rescue Management09/23/23 8:00am - 09/24/23Aurora Police Department & EOC-Aurora  0 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions09/25/23 8:30am - 09/27/23Carbondale FD, Station #2-CarbondaleCanceled 2 
L-102: Science of Disasters09/25/23 8:30am - 09/27/23Effingham County EMA-EffinghamScheduled 10 
L0967: NIMS ICS All Hazards Logistics Section Chief Class09/25/23 8:00am - 09/30/23Henry County OEM-KewaneeCanceled 0 
Weather Planning and Monitoring Seminar Outdoor Event09/26/23 9:00amNorthwoods Community Church-Peoria  0 
ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS09/26/23 8:30am - 09/28/23Kankakee Community College-KankakeeScheduled 21 
Disaster Canine Search Training (USAR members only)09/27/23 8:00amSKCTA-North Aurora  0 
Disaster Canine Search Training (USAR members only)09/27/23 8:00amWest Chicago RTF-West Chicago  0 
Leadership in Today's World09/27/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 23 
L-103: Planning09/28/23 8:30am - 09/29/23Effingham County EMA-EffinghamScheduled 7 
PER 245 Secondary Screener Radiation Isotope (RIID)09/28/23 8:00am - 09/29/23MABAS Readiness Center-Wheeling  0 
L-0962 NIMS ICS All-Hazard Planning Section Chief10/02/23 8:00am - 10/05/23Henry County OEM-KewaneeCanceled 9 
MGT 315 Critical Asset Risk Management10/03/23 8:00am - 10/04/23LaSalle County EMA-Ottawa  0 
ICS 300 Intermediate ICS 24 hours10/03/23 8:00am - 10/05/23Chicago Transit Authority Training Center-Chicago  0 
Volunteer and Donations Management10/04/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 29 
PER 245 Secondary Screener Radiation Isotope (RIID)10/04/23 8:00am - 10/05/23MABAS Readiness Center-Wheeling  0 
L0964 NIMS ICS All-Hazards Situation Unit Leader10/09/23 8:00am - 10/13/23Putnam County EMA-HennepinCanceled 8 
Community Threat Group Identify, Assess & Info Report to Rural Law Enforcement10/10/23 9:00amCentral Illinois Police Training Center-Peoria  0 
Region 11- Regional Meeting10/10/23 10:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled 10 
CAMEO Suite Class10/10/23 8:00am - 10/12/23Will County EMA Cherry Hill Rd Training Facility-Joliet  0 
Region 4- Regional Meeting10/11/23 10:00amSuburban North Building (Region Four Office)-Des PlainesScheduled 11 
MABAS IL-TF1 MOBEX at NIPSTA10/11/23 8:00am - 10/12/23NIPSTA, Glenview, IL-Glenview  0 
AWR 331 Winter Weather Hazards: Science & preparedness-two 4 hr day courses10/16/23 1:00pm - 10/17/23Virtual DuPage Co-Wheaton  0 
At the Point of the Spear (NWCG L-380, CA-002-PREV)10/16/23 9:00am - 10/19/23IDNR (IL State Fairgrounds, gate 7)-Springfield  0 
L0954 All Hazards Safety Officer10/16/23 8:00am - 10/20/23Henry County OEM-KewaneeCanceled 12 
MGT 452 Physical and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure10/17/23 8:00amLaSalle County EMA-Ottawa  0 
Emergency Planning Process10/17/23 8:30am - 10/18/23WebEx-Scheduled 35 
ICS 400 - Advanced ICS10/19/23 8:30am - 10/20/23Kankakee Community College-KankakeeScheduled 10 
PER-375 Surviving an Active Threat: Run. Hide. Fight 8 hr10/20/23 8:00amKewanee High School-Kewanee  0 
ICS 300 & ICS 400 Training10/23/23 8:00am - 10/27/23RTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,  0 
Incident Leadership (NWCG L-381, CA-010-Prev)10/23/23 8:00am - 10/27/23IDNR (IL State Fairgrounds, gate 7)-Springfield  0 
L-101 Foundations of Emergency Management10/23/23 8:30am - 10/27/23IEMA-OHS Region 8-Fairview HeightsScheduled 19 
G 191 ICS/EOC Interface10/24/23 8:30amCherry Valley Fire Protection District-RockfordScheduled 16 
MGT 412 Sport & Special Event Evacuation10/24/23 8:00am - 10/25/23Aurora Police Dept EMA-Aurora  0 
Haz Mat FBI State and Local Outreach Workshop-MABAS10/25/23 8:00amMABAS Readiness Center-Wheeling  0 
Region 2- Regional Meeting10/26/23 10:00amOgle County EOC-RochelleScheduled 6 
ICS 400 Advanced ICS11/01/23 8:00am - 11/02/23Chicago Transit Authority Training Center-Chicago  0 
CERT Train-The-Trainer11/03/23 8:00am - 11/04/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 10 
Volunteer and Donations Management11/07/23 8:30amRTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,Scheduled 2 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions11/07/23 8:30am - 11/09/23Cherry Valley Fire Protection District-RockfordScheduled 13 
Region 6- Regional Meeting11/08/23 10:00amPeoria-Scheduled 4 
MGT409 Supporting Healthcare in Disasters: A Community Approach11/08/23 8:00am - 11/09/23IDNR (IL State Fairgrounds, gate 7)-Springfield  0 
L970: All-Hazards Position Specific Supply Unitt Leader11/13/23 8:00am - 11/17/23Putnam County EMA-HennepinCanceled 1 
MGT 405 Mobilizing Faith-Based Community Organizations in Preparing for Disaster11/14/23 9:00amNorthwoods Community Church-Peoria  0 
MGT 414 Critical Infrastructure Resilience and Community Lifelines11/14/23 8:00amLaSalle County EMA-Ottawa  0 
PER 326 Surface Transportation Emergency Prep and Security for Freight11/14/23 8:00am - 11/15/23Oak Forest  0 
FEMA L-105 Public Information Officer-Basics11/14/23 8:30am - 11/16/23Lake County EOC-LibertyvilleClosed 33 
Principles of Emergency Management11/15/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 29 
PER 331 Surface Transportation Emergency Preparedness/Security for Senior Ofcls11/16/23 8:00amOak Forest  0 
Region 3- Regional Meeting11/17/23 10:00amLaSalle County EMA-OttawaScheduled 6 
Effective Communications11/29/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 29 
AWR 356 Community Planning for Disaster Recovery11/29/23 1:00pm - 11/30/23Virtual DuPage Co-Wheaton  0 
HSEEP12/05/23 8:30am - 12/06/23RTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,Scheduled 8 
MGT-466 Sport & Special Event Enhanced Risk Management & Assessment12/05/23 8:00am - 12/06/23Aurora Police Department & EOC-Aurora  0 
Region 7- Regional Meeting12/07/23 9:00amRegion 7-ChampaignScheduled 2 
Leadership in Today's World12/13/23 8:30amWebEx-Canceled 3 
Region 7- Regional Meeting12/14/23 9:00amILEAS Training Center-UrbanaPostponed 16 
Debris Management Course12/19/23 8:30amCrystal Lake Municipal Complex-Crystal LakeScheduled 10 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions01/09/24 8:30am - 01/11/24RTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,Scheduled 3 
PER 222 Public Safety CBRNE Response - Sampling Techniques and Guidelines01/09/24 8:00am - 01/11/24Chicago Public Safety Training Center-Chicago  0 
L-102: Science of Disasters01/15/24 8:30am - 01/17/24DuPage County OHSEM-WheatonScheduled 19 
MGT 467 Sport & Special Event Public Information & Emergency Notification01/16/24 8:00am - 01/17/24Aurora Police Department & EOC-Aurora  0 
L-103: Planning01/18/24 8:30am - 01/19/24DuPage County OHSEM-WheatonScheduled 14 
L0449 Incident Command System (ICS) Curricula Train-the Trainer 40 hours01/29/24 8:00am - 02/02/24DuPage County OHSEM-Wheaton  0 
MABAS Command Training Summit02/19/24 1:00pm - 02/21/24Marriott Hotel and Convention Center-Normal-Normal  0 
MABAS Dispatch Summit02/21/24 9:00am - 02/23/24Marriott Hotel and Convention Center-Normal-Normal  0 
MGT-475 Crowd Management for Sport and Special Events03/12/24 8:00am - 03/13/24City of Aurora EMA-Aurora  0 
MGT-404 Sports and Special Events Incident Management04/02/24 8:00am - 04/03/24City of Aurora EMA-Aurora  0 
ICS 300 & ICS 400 Training05/06/24 8:00am - 05/10/24RTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,  0 
PER-375 Surviving an Active Threat: Run. Hide. Fight 8 hr08/07/24 8:00amKewanee High School-Kewanee  0 

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