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AWR 331 Winter Weather Hazards: Science & Preparedness01/27/23 8:00amWill County EMA Cherry Hill Rd Training Facility-Joliet  0 
Domestic & Family Violence for Dispatch Professionals01/30/23 8:00amFairview Heights PD-Fairview Heights  0 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions01/31/23 8:30am - 02/02/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestClosed 12 
Disaster Canine Search Training (USAR members only)02/01/23 8:00amSKCTA-North Aurora  0 
Disaster Canine Search Training (USAR members only)02/01/23 8:00amWest Chicago Firefighter Training Academy-West Chicago  0 
G489 Management of Spontaneous Volunteers in Disasters02/07/23 8:30amDuPage County EOC-WheatonScheduled 9 
Emergency Planning Process02/07/23 8:30am - 02/08/23WebEx-Scheduled 39 
MABAS-IL USAR Annual Mandatory Training02/08/23 8:00amMABAS Readiness Center-Wheeling  0 
Region 6- Regional Meeting02/08/23 10:00amTanner Hall (WIU)-MacombScheduled 1 
Disaster Preparedness for Water & Wastewater Operations02/08/23 8:00am - 02/09/23O'fallon FD-O'fallon  0 
6409//5266/ Shelter Count Workshop02/09/23 1:00pmCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Shelter Fundamentals V202/09/23 8:00amCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Shelter Supervisor02/09/23 8:00amCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Shelter Supervisor Workshop02/09/23 8:00amCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
E3 Fulfillment Update02/10/23 1:00pmCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
First Responder Health, Wellness & Fitness02/10/23 8:00amRichland Community College Shilling Education Center-Decatur  0 
Mega Sheltering Red Cross02/10/23 1:00pmCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Region 3- Regional Meeting02/10/23 10:00amKendall County Historic Courthouse-YorkvilleScheduled 12 
Shelter Client Support App- Training & testing02/10/23 8:00amCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Shelter Survey and RC View NSS Update02/10/23 1:00pm - 02/12/23Cook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
Shelter Simulation02/11/23 8:00amCook County EOC-Oak Forest  0 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions02/14/23 8:30am - 02/16/23Will County EMA Cherry Hill Rd Training Facility-JolietScheduled 14 
Disaster Canine Search Training (USAR members only)02/15/23 8:00amSKCTA-North Aurora  0 
Disaster Canine Search Training (USAR members only)02/15/23 8:00amWest Chicago Firefighter Training Academy-West Chicago  0 
USAR TF-1 Annual Swim Test02/15/23 8:00am - 02/16/23Lincoln Way East High School-Frankfort  0 
Debris Management Course02/16/23 8:30amIEMA - 2200 South Dirksen Pkwy-SpringfieldScheduled 4 
REAC 110 Dose Assessment Overview02/16/23 8:00amIEMA - Outer Park (Alt REAC)-SpringfieldScheduled 5 
REAC 115 Remote Monitoring System (RMS and eDNA Screens Overview)02/16/23 9:00amIEMA - Outer Park (Alt REAC)-SpringfieldScheduled 5 
REAC 120 Emergency Action Levels (EALs) and Protective Actions (PARs/PAGs)02/16/23 10:00amIEMA - Outer Park (Alt REAC)-SpringfieldScheduled 3 
Region 8- Regional Meeting02/16/23 9:00amRegion 8-Fairview HeightsScheduled 7 
RMA 100 IEMA Radiochemistry Facility Training and Orientation02/16/23 1:00pmIEMA Knotts St Conference Room-SpringfieldScheduled 4 
RMA 100 IEMA Radiochemistry Facility Training and Orientation02/16/23 8:00amIEMA Knotts St Conference Room-SpringfieldScheduled 4 
RMA 120 Laboratory Sample Receipt for a Radiological Response Incident Course02/16/23 10:00amIEMA Knotts St Conference Room-SpringfieldScheduled 3 
RMA 120 Laboratory Sample Receipt for a Radiological Response Incident Course02/16/23 3:00pmIEMA Knotts St Conference Room-SpringfieldScheduled 2 
RRG 115 Introduction to Supplementary Radiological Response Instrumentation02/16/23 10:00amIEMA Rodger Street RRG Ready Room-SpringfieldScheduled 5 
RTF 100 RTF Notification, Activation and Deployment02/16/23 9:00amIEMA Rodger Street RRG Ready Room-SpringfieldScheduled 8 
RTF 110 Emergency Worker Training (IEMA Only)02/16/23 2:00pmIEMA - Outer Park (4th Floor)-SpringfieldScheduled 5 
RTF 115 Dosimetry Control Officer Training02/16/23 3:00pmIEMA - Outer Park (4th Floor)-SpringfieldScheduled 8 
RTF 150 Illinois Plan for Radiological Accidents Overview (IEMA Only)02/16/23 1:00pmIEMA - Outer Park (4th Floor)-SpringfieldScheduled 5 
RTF 155 Radiological Response Group Overview02/16/23 8:00amIEMA Rodger Street RRG Ready Room-SpringfieldScheduled 7 
Emergency Planning Process02/16/23 8:30am - 02/17/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 21 
G272 Warning Coordination Course02/21/23 8:30am - 02/22/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 6 
Disaster Canine Search Training (USAR members only)02/22/23 8:00amSKCTA-North Aurora  0 
Disaster Canine Search Training (USAR members only)02/22/23 8:00amWest Chicago Firefighter Training Academy-West Chicago  0 
Principles of Emergency Management02/22/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 0 
G489 Management of Spontaneous Volunteers in Disasters02/23/23 8:30amCook County EOC-Oak ForestPostponed 0 
Volunteer and Donations Management02/23/23 8:30amIEMA - 2200 South Dirksen Pkwy-SpringfieldScheduled 1 
G - 288 Volunteer and Donations Management02/23/23 8:30am - 02/24/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 13 
L0452: Assessment of Teams in Professional Emergency Management02/27/23 8:30am - 03/03/23Will County EMA-JolietScheduled 0 
AWR 362 Flooding Hazards: Science & Preparedness02/28/23 1:00pm - 03/01/23LaSalle County EMA-Ottawa  0 
Region 7- Regional Meeting03/02/23 9:00amMacon County EMA-DecaturScheduled 12 
G386 Mass Fatalities Incident Response Course03/07/23 8:30am - 03/08/23DuPage County EOC-WheatonScheduled 11 
Effective Communications03/08/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 7 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions03/13/23 8:30am - 03/15/23Carbondale FD, Station #2-CarbondaleScheduled 2 
Leadership in Today's World03/16/23 8:30amCook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 11 
Leadership in Today's World03/22/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 2 
G0271 Hazardous Weather and Flood Preparedness03/22/23 8:30am - 03/23/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 4 
HSEEP03/22/23 8:30am - 03/23/23Henry County OEM-KewaneeScheduled 12 
ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS03/27/23 8:00am - 03/29/23Fairview Heights Fire Department-Fairview Heights  0 
Effective Communications03/30/23 8:30amKankakee County Sheriff's Office & EOC-KankakeeScheduled 3 
ICS 400 - Advanced ICS03/30/23 8:00am - 03/31/23Fairview Heights Fire Department-Fairview Heights  0 
AWR 232 - Mass Fatalities Planning and Response for Rural Communities04/04/23 8:00amFairview Heights Fire Department-Fairview Heights  0 
Disaster Assistance Process04/04/23 8:30amIEMA - 2200 South Dirksen Pkwy-SpringfieldScheduled 3 
G 191 ICS/EOC Interface04/04/23 8:30amLake County EOC-LibertyvilleScheduled 3 
Volunteer and Donations Management04/05/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 1 
G 191 ICS/EOC Interface04/06/23 8:30amAurora Police Dept EMA-AuroraScheduled 6 
G557 Rapid Needs Assessment04/06/23 8:30amCook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 7 
Disaster Assistance Process04/10/23 8:30amKankakee County Sheriff's Office & EOC-KankakeeScheduled 1 
ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS04/10/23 8:00am - 04/12/23Illinois Department of Public Health-Springfield  0 
Debris Management Course04/11/23 8:30amKankakee County Sheriff's Office & EOC-KankakeeScheduled 0 
MGT 416 Continuity of Government Ops Planning for Rural Communities04/11/23 8:00amLaSalle County EMA-Ottawa  0 
Region 11- Regional Meeting04/11/23 10:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled 7 
Emergency Operations Plan Development and Review04/13/23 8:30amRTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,Scheduled 10 
Region 2- Regional Meeting04/13/23 1:00pmOgle County EOC-RochelleScheduled 1 
ICS 400 - Advanced ICS04/13/23 8:00am - 04/14/23Illinois Department of Public Health-Springfield  0 
Emergency Planning Process04/18/23 8:30amIEMA - 2200 South Dirksen Pkwy-SpringfieldScheduled 1 
Emergency Planning Process04/18/23 8:30am - 04/19/23WebEx-Scheduled 2 
ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS04/18/23 8:30am - 04/20/23Will County EMA Cherry Hill Rd Training Facility-JolietScheduled 3 
G0358 Evacuation and Re-Entry Planning04/19/23 8:30am - 04/20/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 5 
ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS04/21/23 8:00amMadison County EOC-Wood River  0 
G-361 Flood Response Operations04/26/23 8:30am - 04/27/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 3 
G108 Community Mass Care and Emergency Assistance05/03/23 8:30am - 05/04/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 2 
Debris Management Course05/08/23 8:30amRTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,Scheduled 11 
Emergency Operations Plan Development and Review05/09/23 8:30amIEMA - 2200 South Dirksen Pkwy-SpringfieldScheduled 1 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions05/16/23 8:30am - 05/18/23Henry County OEM-KewaneeScheduled 7 
Principles of Emergency Management05/17/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 0 
Region 6- Regional Meeting05/17/23 10:00amJacksonville-Scheduled 0 
G0418: Mass Care/Emergency Assistance (MC/EA) Planning and Operations Course05/17/23 8:30am - 05/18/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 4 
Region 3- Regional Meeting05/19/23 10:00amGrundy County EOC-MorrisScheduled 5 
ICS 400 - Advanced ICS05/20/23 8:00am - 05/21/23Madison County EOC-Wood River  0 
L0453: Contemporary Issues in Emergency management Organization05/22/23 8:30am - 05/26/23DuPage County EOC-WheatonScheduled 0 
Debris Management Course05/23/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 5 
Principles of Emergency Management05/23/23 8:30amIEMA - 2200 South Dirksen Pkwy-SpringfieldScheduled 0 
Effective Communications05/31/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 0 
G - 288 Volunteer and Donations Management05/31/23 8:30am - 06/01/23Kankakee County Sheriff's Office & EOC-KankakeeScheduled 1 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions05/31/23 8:30am - 06/02/23Lake County Health Department-WaukeganScheduled 5 
Region 7- Regional Meeting06/08/23 9:00amILEAS Training Center-UrbanaScheduled 6 
Effective Communications06/12/23 8:30amLake County Central Permit Facility-libertyvilleScheduled 7 
Leadership in Today's World06/14/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 2 
Region 8- Regional Meeting06/15/23 10:00amRegion 8-Fairview HeightsScheduled 1 
G194.4 Preparing for Post-Disaster Responsbilities06/20/23 8:30amCook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 1 
Volunteer and Donations Management06/28/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 1 
Emergency Planning Process07/06/23 8:30amRTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,Scheduled 4 
Disaster Assistance Process07/10/23 8:30amCook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 10 
Debris Management Course07/11/23 8:30amCook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 6 
Region 11- Regional Meeting07/11/23 10:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled 5 
Region 2- Regional Meeting07/13/23 10:00amHenry County OEM-KewaneeScheduled 1 
G0418: Mass Care/Emergency Assistance (MC/EA) Planning and Operations Course07/26/23 8:30am - 07/27/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 1 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions08/01/23 8:30am - 08/03/23RTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,Scheduled 2 
HSEEP08/15/23 8:30am - 08/16/23Lake County Central Permit Facility-libertyvilleScheduled 7 
Disaster Assistance Process08/18/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 2 
Region 3- Regional Meeting08/18/23 10:00amAurora Police Dept EMA-AuroraScheduled 4 
Region 6- Regional Meeting08/23/23 10:00amFulton CoScheduled 0 
Principles of Emergency Management09/07/23 8:30amRTI/IMA Springfield Illinois Military Academy-Springfield,Scheduled 2 
L0454: Advanced Concepts and Policy in EM Profession09/11/23 8:30am - 09/15/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestConcluded 0 
Region 7- Regional Meeting09/14/23 9:00amTazewell County EMA-TremontScheduled 5 
Leadership in Today's World09/20/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 0 
G393 Mitigation for Emergency Managers09/20/23 8:30am - 09/21/23Cook County EOC-Oak ForestScheduled 2 
G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Functions09/25/23 8:30am - 09/27/23Carbondale FD, Station #2-CarbondaleScheduled 0 
Volunteer and Donations Management10/04/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 0 
Region 11- Regional Meeting10/10/23 10:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled 6 
Emergency Planning Process10/17/23 8:30am - 10/18/23WebEx-Scheduled 0 
Region 6- Regional Meeting11/08/23 10:00amPeoria-Scheduled 0 
Principles of Emergency Management11/15/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 0 
Region 3- Regional Meeting11/17/23 10:00amLaSalle County EMA-OttawaScheduled 3 
Effective Communications11/29/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 0 
Leadership in Today's World12/13/23 8:30amWebEx-Scheduled 1 
Region 7- Regional Meeting12/14/23 9:00amILEAS Training Center-UrbanaScheduled 4 

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