Illinois Radon Licensing System


Welcome to the Illinois Radon Licensing System. Please use the 'Log in' link below if you have already been approved by IEMA to use the site. Otherwise, click 'Register' to start the registration process to gain access if you are a licensee. If you are looking for a licensed professional, click View Active Licensees which does not require a login account to use. IEMA employees, contact the IEMA Radon team for access.

Once approved to use the site, licensee users can:
1: Apply for a new Radon License via an application process.
2: Maintain existing license information, including renewals.
3: Add Measurement, Mitigation, and Laboratory tests.
4: Report Variance Logs.
5: Report Non Conformance issues.
6: Order Mitigation Tags.

Help PDF: Registering for Access to System

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