Register For Radon Website

Follow the page instructions carefully, and click the 'REGISTER' button at bottom of page when done entering the required information. IEMA Employees DO NOT REGISTER FROM THIS PAGE. CONTACT THE RADON TEAM FOR ACCESS. All data fields are required except middle name and contact title. If you check the 'Has Existing License' check box, make sure to read the Existing Licensee note below and enter your existing license numbers as indicated below. Passwords must be at least six characters long and must contain an uppercase character, lowercase character, a number, and a non-alphanumeric character.

Existing Licensee : Assigning existing licenses to your user account is performed by the IEMA Adminsitrator Make sure to check the 'Has Existing Licenses' check box when you register and enter your existing license number(s) in the text box provided, seperated by a comma for each license if you have more than 1.
Please enter your name and phone number you supplied when you applied for your license or latest license (if you have more than 1).
License assignments are not automatic. IEMA Administrators will evaluate your License requests. You may be contacted with additional questions to verify your identity by phone.