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IEMAOHS Employee Development Training

Your Human Resources Division is committed to fostering a healthy, safe, and respectful work environment for all employees of IEMA-OHS.

In support of that mission, we are excited to kick off our summer/fall employee and organizational development training initiatives with "Please Advise" a seminar focused on shaping and maintaining a culture of respect. Each one of us is responsible for creating a respectful environment where everyone thrives, and in this training we will have the opportunity to learn, discuss, and practice ways we can use our power to make a positive difference.

This training is required for all employees and contractors and will take place in person in Springfield at the Dirksen Office location. There are four sessions available to choose from. Please register for the session that best fits your schedule. For senior leadership-level employees, please register for the Tuesday afternoon session if possible. The training will last approximately two hours.

Course Length: 2 hours

Course Manager:

Course Timeline:


Target Audience/Discipline: IEMAOHS Employees only

Scheduled Classes: There are no scheduled dates for this course.

Please note: Applications for courses will be accepted up to 1 day prior to the course date.

If you want to learn more about the Training Program or are interested in attending a specific course, please contact your IEMA Regional Coordinator or Nancy Buck. Registration should be made in advance to attend any IEMA sponsored class. Walk-in registrations are only accepted if room space and course materials are available. To register for IEMA classes, please see the IEMA Online Registration and Tracking Program Page.



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