Radon Measurement Laboratories - Low Cost Detectors

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) is providing this information to assist you with selecting a radon measurement laboratory and a testing device for performing home environment measurements. The Radon Program contacted each of the fully licensed laboratories that provide passive devices to create a list for the citizens of Illinois as a quick and easy reference for the purchase of detectors for home environment testing.

If you are interested in purchasing a test kit from one of these laboratories, the prices listed include:

  1. Type of device (i.e. LS, AC)
  2. Cost that includes the following:
    1. Detector Cost.
    2. Packaging for return to lab including return postage.
    3. All laboratory fees.
    4. Detailed test report sent via US Mail.

IEMA provides this list as a service to the citizens of Illinois but we do not endorse one laboratory over another. We have tried to ensure that all the information is accurate, however you should confirm the pricing prior to purchase.

Only a person performing radon measurements on a dwelling in which that person resides may perform a measurement without a Radon Measurement License from the IEMA. IEMA recommends that homes involved in a real estate transaction have radon measurements performed by a Radon Measurement Licensee.

In order to accurately determine the radon concentration of your home, IEMA recommends you follow the instructions provided with the test kit to place and retrieve the detector. Additionally, IEMA suggests you review and follow our Guidelines for Radon Measurements in the Home to determine the number of detectors needed, the locations for placement and general testing protocols. Ensure at the completion of the radon measurement that the test kit is mailed back to the laboratory in accordance with the instructions provided with the kit.

Radon contact information, websites, type of detectors and purchase price are provided below. The following codes are used to identify the type of detectors available.

Short Term Testing Devices (usually 2 - 7 days)
AC - Activated Charcoal
LS - Liquid Scintillation
Long Term Devices (greater than 90 day tests)
AT - Alpha Track

If you need additional information, please contact the Agency by using the Radon Information Line at (800) 325-1245.

AccuStar Labs - Lebanon
929 Mount Zion Rd
Lebanon, PA 17046
(800) 523-4964

Types of detectors:
       AC $30.00

AccuStar Labs - Ward Hill
2 Saber Way
Ward Hill, MA 01835
(888) 480-8812

Types of detectors:
       AC $30.00
       AT $28.00
       LS $25.00

Air Chek
1936 Butler Bridge Rd
Mills River, NC 28759
(828) 684-0893

Types of detectors:
       AC $7.95
       AT $21.95

Alpha Energy Laboratories
2501 Mayes Rd Ste 100
Carrollton, TX 75006
(972) 242-2479

Types of detectors:
       AC $10.95

Radon Testing Corporation of America
2 Hayes St
Elmsford, NY 10523
(800) 457-2366

Types of detectors:
       LS $6.95

RSSI - Radiation Safety Services, Inc.
6312 Oakton St
Morton Grove, IL 60053
(847) 965-1999

Types of detectors:
       AC $15.00
       AT $25.00

Radon Contacts

For radon information by telephone call (800) 325-1245 (Information Line) or to speak to an IEMA Radon Program staff member call (217) 782-1325.