Accreditation in Medical Radiation Technology

Please read ALL information below prior to login or submitting an Initial Application.

Due to undesirable delays and circumstances associated with timely receipt and posting of fees received via mail, payments for Medical Radiation Technology Accreditations, should be made online with a credit card. The fee is $120 for accreditation, plus a 2.25% convenience fee, which the Agency does not retain.

Security is our top priority. The State of Illinois uses the latest cyber security software to encrypt online transactions.

IEMA does not store your credit card information and it does not pass through our network. We only get confirmation that the payment was successful.

Most major credit card companies offer fraud protection. If you suspect your information has been stolen, contact them to put a hold on your card. If a fraudulent transaction has already occurred, most major companies will allow you to file a complaint and you will not be responsible for the charge. Check with your credit card company. Yes, there is a 2.25% convenience fee, which the Agency does not retain.

IEMA’s website can be used from a computer, cell phone, or tablet. Any device with a web browser and an internet connection can be utilized to renew your license. Realize, that Wi-Fi does drop or have issues from time to time, and we recommend using a computer.

Renewal or Initial Accreditation Payment login.
Last 4 digits of Social Security Number:
Accreditation Number:
Birth Date: (mm/dd/yyyy) slashes automatically added

  • If you answered YES to any of the following questions on the application, you will be contacted for further information.
    • Felony conviction
    • Denial / revocation of license / certification
    • Drug / alcohol or mental / physical disability

Once the Initial application is completed and signed, you may fax to 217-785-9946 or email After processing, an email will be sent with the information needed to login and pay with a credit card. If you included an email address on one of display screens when making payment, the vendor, Jet Pay, will send a payment receipt. Immediately after making payment, you also can print a work authorization letter from the confirmation page.

Additional information for online Renewals
Internet Renewal applications may only be submitted 60-days prior of your accreditation’s expiration. If it has expired, you can renew at any time. If you have multiple accreditations to renew, you must renew each one separately or ensure you are renewing the correct accreditation.


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