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Search for Drinking Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities

How Are Registrants Determined?

  1. Searches can be performed on Facility name, IEPA Facility number, City & County.
  2. You can narrow your search by using multiple fields. The results will return only those items that match all of your search criteria.
  3. The wild card character (*) can be used to match any character(s) within the specified field value.
    Example: entering *spring* into the city field will return results for "Springfield", "Spring Grove", "Willow Springs", etc.
    The wild card character can be used in all fields. It can also be used multiple times within the same field.
  4. After a search has been performed, you can click on any of the column headings to sort the results by that column.
    The first time you click on a column the results will be sorted in ascending order, clicking on the same column again will sort the list in descending order.
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